Refund Rules

Refund Rules:

1. Check the descriptions before you buy, make sure you agree to what the description says. Whatever you see in the description is 100% correct. If after buying the item it is not correct, you are eligible for a refund. But if it is correct, no refund can be issued.

2. We don’t refund if Your purchased EMail Sender / SMTP worked initially and suddenly stopped sending mails. We can only help you fix it.

3. Refunds are offered if RDP”s do not work.

4. Email&Pass are all checked and verified before adding to the site, but we refund for each bad email & pass if contact not more 5 days bought.

5. We sell full Scripts and we ensure accuracy and 100% functionality. We refund if the script doesn’t work as described. We do not refund if you don’t know how to use the script, we only assist.

6. We ask all our BL sellers to add BL strictly with office365 mail access to avoid IP problems, Also with all info needed for customer use.

7. Refund can only be made within 5 days of purchase.

8. To report a Bad Tool You must use the REPORT button which appears in the right of the tool page.

To request a refund, send a mail to